Basic Equipment
Needed To Warrior Walk

Equipment List

Shoes – While you can start out walking with just about any decent shoe, I recommend you consider using better walking shoes as your walking gets more serious.

My personal experience is that I do not buy the most expensive shoe, but I buy a good one.  Then I replace that good shoe fairly often.  That way, I may never be walking with the most expensive shoe, but I’m always walking with a pretty good shoe that’s in pretty good shape.

Shorts / Pants – Depending on the time of year, you will want shorts or long pants for your walks.  If you’re in a hot climate (such as Arizona in the summer), then I recommend loose fitting shorts.  If you’re in a cold climate (such as Boston in the winter), then I obviously recommend you get some pretty sturdy pants to keep yourself warm.

Shirts – Same thing as shorts / pants.  It depends on your climate and the time of year.  Some people also like being exposed to the sun and others do not.  This is all a matter of personal preference.  There are light weight shirts that willblock out quite a bit of sun, as well as heavy ones that will do the same.

Hat – Depending on the time of year, you will probably need a hat to either block out the sun or to keep your head warm.  Either way, a hat is highly recommended.

Water – Perhaps the most important thing you can bring is water.  Depending on your climate, you will need to bring varying amounts of water to stay hydrated.  Water is key.  If you don’t drink water while walking, you can become very ill.  I always recommend you drink BEFORE you are thirsty.  If you wait until you’re thirsty, then you’ve probably waited too long.

Sunglasses – Depending on the time of year, sunglasses can come in very handy.

Timepiece / Watch – You need something to keep track of how long you’ve been walking.  You might decide to wear a watch or your cell phone might even have a timer.  You might even decide to not wear a watch and simply look at the clock at home when you leave and return.  It’s all up to you.

Check out our Optional Equipment List for more things you might want to bring along for your Warrior Walks.