Mission Statement of the Warrior Walker

Mission Statement

My Personal Mission Statement

For many years prior to starting iWarriorWalk.com, I’ve lived by the following credo:

My purpose in life is to help you find your purpose in life, AND achieve it.

iWarriorWalk.com is merely an extension of that purpose.  As walking has become a serious sport in my life, I realized that by sharing my philosophy of walking (and life), I could help large groups of people to find their own path and to walk it.

The Mission of the iWarriorWalk Movement

As a consequence, the mission of the iWarriorWalk movement is:

Changing the world, one step at a time.

My Revised Personal Mission Statement

Incorporating that mission along with my personal statement of purpose has been revised to read as follows:

My path is to help you find your path by walking it.