Optional Equipment
For Your Warrior Walks

Equipment List

Pedometer – Pedometers are used to keep track of your mileage and your number of steps.  They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They can be purchased for as little as $2 to $3 or you can buy very expensive ones that will do just about everything except your personal income taxes.

MP3 / Music Player – I love bringing along some type of music or audiobooks while walking.  Personally I prefer non-fiction audiobook of an educational nature.  I think walking is a perfect opportunity to learn.  Others like to bring music.  Others prefer silence.  It’s totally up to you!

Cell Phone – Personally, I like to carry my cell phone while walking.  First of all, I think for safety reasons it’s a good thing to have.  Secondly, depending on your cell phone, it can do all kinds of really neat things.  My Blackberry allows me to send and receive emails, send and receive text messages, take phone calls, listen to music, listen to audiobooks, keep track of my time, and keep track of my mileage (with GPS software installed).  In short, it does just about everything.

Stereo Bluetooth Headphones – If your cell phone or MP3 player supports it, I recommend stereo bluetooth headphones.  They’re wireless and fairly easy to use once you learn how.  It’s so nice not to have to worry about all those wires while I’m walking and my headset’s quite comfortable.

Dogs – Your dog(s) can make an excellent companion while you’re out walking.  Unfortunately I’m not able to take my dogs as they’re “low mileage” dogs.  They don’t have the stamina to walk with me for hours at a time.  Be sure and bring along plenty of water for your doggie!

Friends / Spouses / Children – Walking can be a family activity.  Share it with your friends, spouses and children.  It’s a great time to share your thoughts.

Handheld GPS Device – Handheld GPS devices can be excellent, especially if you are walking in unfamiliar areas or if you like to geocache while you’re out walking.  Personally I use GPS software on my Blackberry.  It’s not as accurate as a handheld GPS, but it works for most of my uses and it keeps me from having to carry an extra device.

Camera – You never know what you’re going to run into while walking, so it’s nice to have your camera with you.

Audio Recorder – An audio recorder is a nice thing to have in order to capture ideas that WILL come to you while you’re out walking.

Sunscreen – Some people like to use sunscreen.  It’s entirely up to you and it depends quite a bit upon where you are doing your walking.

Reflective Devices – Some people who walk at night or early in the morning like to wear reflective vests and reflective bands around their wrists and ankles. Light clothing is excellent for these times and it makes it easier for you to be seen.

Flashlight – You may want to take a flashlight along with you if you walk when it’s dark.

Pepper Spray – If you think you might need some personal protection, then by all means take along a can of pepper spray or other appropriate protective devises (after making sure it is legal in your area to do so and that you have complied with all applicable laws).

Walking Stick – Some people like to carry along a walking stick, especially if you are going to be walking in rocky areas with lots of steeps inclines and declines.  Walking sticks are also useful in case you need to protect yourself from a wild animal.

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