The Path Of The Warrior Walker
Chapter 1

Day 18,627

Today is June 18, 2010, my 51st birthday.  It is day 18,627 of my personal journey on the planet Earth.

What this day (and all future days) has in store for me remains to be seen.  What this day (and all future days) has in store for you also remains to be seen.

To me, it is less important that we know where our paths will take us and more important that we are consciously aware during each and every step we take along our respective paths.

What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is basically awareness.  Awareness of a great many things, such as your existence, your sensations, your thoughts, your surroundings and your actions.

There is a Navajo saying that roughly translates as:
Walk in harmony in the universe by being aware of who you are.

Notice how important awareness is to the Navajo people.  They believe it is necessary to know yourself in order to live in harmony.

I also believe the reverse is true.  If we walk in harmony with the universe, we will come to know ourselves.  We will become aware of who we are, both as individuals and collectively as a people.

That’s What Warrior Walking Is All About

Warrior Walkers walk in harmony with the universe.  They consciously walk each and every day with the spirit of a warrior.  As we progress along the path which is this book, we will come to see that within this context, approaching life with the spirit of a warrior is a good thing.  As we Warrior Walk, we will encounter conflict and we will encounter struggles.  Through it all, we will also encounter the knowledge, wisdom, health and experience sought by most conscious human-beings.

Is Consciousness The Same Thing As Being Awake?

Most people equate consciousness with being awake.  Likewise, they equate unconsciousness with being asleep or knocked out.

I believe that not all who are awake are conscious.  Every day one can see evidence all around us of people who walk through life without being the least bit aware of what goes on around them. They simply exist. They basically walk around on auto-pilot.  Warrior Walking will change that.

Why Aren’t People More Aware?

More people are not aware because it is far easier to go through life being unaware than it is to be conscious of everything going on around us.

Carl Jung said,
There is no coming to consciousness without pain.

It is sometimes painful to be aware. If we are unaware, we will not be aware of the problems around us, so we won’t necessarily have to deal with them. Unfortunately, if we are unaware of the problems around us, we will also be unaware of the countless opportunities that lie there too.

I believe the universe has given us countless chances to get things right, provided we don’t wait too long.

As I like to say:
It’s never too late (until it’s too late).

Why We Need To Increase The Level Of Our Consciousness

Albert Einstein said,
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

While Einstein is generally thought of as one of the greatest physicists in history, his quote suggests he also thought about philosophy.

Einstein suggested that in order to solve a problem, one must increase his or her level of consciousness.  He believed there was a direct causal relationship between the two.  The higher the level of our consciousness, the greater chance we have of solving any given problem.

Finding The Path For The Human Race

I truly believe that if we are to survive (and thrive) as a species, it will be necessary to raise both our individual levels of consciousness as well as the collective consciousness of the entire human race.  I believe there is hope and I believe it’s not too late.

I believe our hope lies in raising our individual and collective levels of consciousness of all that takes place around us.  Whether you’re deeply religious, agnostic, spiritual or non-spiritual, I believe we are all seeking answers.  Warrior Walking can help us to find these answers.

Throughout this book I will sometimes refer to the “universe.”  This is merely the term I use to refer to that which is often thought of as your “higher power.”  To some, that “higher power” is God.  To others it may be something quite different.  My goal is to use a term that is all-inclusive (the “universe”), rather than use one that might exclude some readers or cause them to “tune-out” and not hear the essential messages contained herein.

In the next chapter we will begin expanding our consciousness by discussing the key concept behind Warrior Walking; that of knowing where to look for the answers we seek.

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