Alaska Leg of 2010 Tour

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On Tuesday, August 10, 2010, Stanley Bronstein flew into Anchorage, Alaska from Phoenix, Arizona and walked 5 hours.

The day started out with some unexpected excitement that was caused by a tragedy.

The NBC News television affiliate in Anchorage was originally scheduled to cover the walk and show it on their nightly news. That would have been exciting.

However, on that same day, former US Senator, Ted Stevens and several others were killed in a small plane crash in Alaska.  Ted Stevens was one of Alaska’s senators for 48 years, so needless to say his passing was THE news story in Alaska that night.  Consequently, NBC informed me they were unable to cover the walk.  My heart goes out to the people of Alaska and I’m sorry to hear for their loss.

The weather started out around 55 degrees and cloudy.  As the day progressed, it started raining a bit and then it started raining quite a bit.  Roughly half the walk was completed on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail at Kincaid Park.

I then drove to downtown Anchorage and walked in the 5th Avenue Mall for the second half of the walk.

I then drove back to the airport (which is named after Senator Stevens I might add) and returned my rental truck.  That’s right, a truck.  I originally signed up for a compact car and apparently they were out.  Instead, they gave me a four door Dodge Ram truck with four-wheel drive.  It was quite fun to drive, but boy was it big . . .

As usual, I recorded a podcast which can be listened to
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Here are pictures from the walk.  Some of these are incredible, especially the ones of the bull moose who just happened to be munching on the side of the road while I was walking by.


Here are 5 fast facts about the state of Alaska:

  • 1) Alaska is the largest state of the USA by area.  Without Alaska, Brazil and Australia would be larger than the USA.
  • 2)  Alaska is the least populated state in the USA.  They have fewer than 1 million people.
  • 3) Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire in 1867 for roughly 2 cents per acre.  It became the 49th state in 1959.
  • 4)  Alaska’s coastline is longer than all the other US states combined.
  • 5)  The international date line was intentionally drawn west of 180 degrees to keep the whole state, and thus the entire North American continent, within the same day.

Next stop, Seattle, Washington.