Why Are Challenges Good?

The Most Glorious Moments In One’s Life
Are Not The So-Called Days Of Success,
But Rather Those Days When Out Of Dejection And Despair,
You Feel Rise In You A Challenge To Life,
And The Promise Of Future Accomplishments.

Challenges Propel Us Forward

Without challenges, we have little or no reason to try to improve ourselves.

That’s why people who “already” have it all, or are “born” with it all, quite often don’t improve themselves or even slide backwards.

Quite simply, we have to have a reason to move forward,  if we’re going to move forward.

But Life’s Challenges Can Be Difficult

Yes, life’s challenges can make things quite difficult at times. But, these difficulties force us to try harder. They force us to become inventive. They force us to look for other solutions.

It is out of these challenges that some of our greatest moments can arise.

The “Creation” of the Light Bulb

Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb.  Instead, he created the first commercially successful light bulb.

Did he do it on his first try? No way.  It took him quite a bit of time and quite a bit of work.

Did he stop the first time he failed? No! He knew he was on the right track and eventually produced a commercially successful light bulb.

The rest is history.

Thomas Edison knew that if he faced his challenges, he would eventually overcome them. The promise of future accomplishments kept propelling him forward.

We should all face our challenges the same way.